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Awaken by Nature is your GO TO community when it comes to support your well-being. Our love for the earth, nature and specifically mushrooms and medicinal herbs has resulted in 8 beautiful selected products from Mother Nature created with love and care. All our products have beneficial components, we inspire you to use them in a ritualistic way to really absorb their qualities into your daily lifestyle.

“Add a teaspoon mushroom powder into your daily cappuccino, smoothy, soup, breakfast bowl to boost your day! Or infuse your daily rituals with our herbal medicina blends.”

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Armijn & Noëlla are the founders of Awaken by Nature. Both are living in the Veluwe and ardent lovers of strolling in nature for hours, which is where their love for mushrooms and herbs originated. For centuries and in many cultures worldwide, mushrooms and herbs have been used to heal humans, the healing power of nature has become subservient to the pharmaceutical industry over the years. We have come to understand more and more that we have become disconnected not only from ourselves but also from nature. To re-establish that connection again; both internally and externally with the help of nature, Armijn and Noëlla see this as their personal mission with Awaken by Nature.

Our latest inspiration for you!

  • Green Power Smoothy
    DAILY GREENS BLENDNatural Oceanic Power Kenmerken:Een mix van Chlorella, Spirulina, Tarwegras en Gerstegras. 100% organic, natuurlijk, premium kwaliteit. De krachtigste superfoods. Ontgiftend, voor gewichtsbeheersing, meer energie en ter ondersteuning van je immuun systeem. Start je ochtend met deze makkelijke powersmoothy boordevol elementen om je dag gezond te beginnen. 1 banaanhandvol blauwe bessen1 eetlepel Daily Green Blend1 …

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  • Vegan Chocolate Bowl
    Nature is calling. awaken your senses Lekker en gezond! Rauwe Cacao Nibs in jouw bowl Gezonde tussendoortjes met Rauwe Cacao Vegan Chocolate Bowl 🥥 200 gr medjoul dadels 🥥 vegan (kokos) yoghurt⁣ 🥥 kokosstukjes⁣ 🥥 Awaken by Nature raw cacao nibs⁣ 🥥 frambozen⁣ 🥥 chiazaadjes⁣ 🥥 rozenblaadjes ⁣als garnering (very Instagramable!) 🥥 eventueel nog wat …

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